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Corporate Governance & General Counsel

Corporations and other business entities are living-breathing creatures directed and controlled by concentrated management structures that must measure the prudence of each decision and consider how those decisions impact a variety of stakeholders.  The legal term for this relationship is fiduciary relationship–which imposes on management the duty to manage the company’s assets carefully and loyally. Whether it is offering stock options to service providers, entering into contracts with suppliers, or entertaining M&A talks, management encounters potential tripwires that may raise questions as to satisfaction of such duties on a daily basis. As general counsel for large corporations and investment funds, government faculty advisors, and board members of various non-profit and for-profit organizations, RVL attorneys know what it takes to carry out these duties. 

As GC+ for small and large companies across a wide range of industries, such as biotech, fit-tech, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and government contracting, we ensure that your relationships with customers, partners, and vendors reflect your business model and capture the terms that actually matter. 

Growing companies with consistent legal needs are often left with two choices: (1) hire an in-house attorney, or (2) rely on outside counsel and the enigma of the billable hour and hope for the best.  At RVL, we offer outside in-house counsel services to address your daily legal needs at a fixed monthly rate–so you can better predict your cash flow and focus on scaling your business without having to monitor the clock.  Like in-house counsel, we are just a phone call away.

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Kevin Christopher


• B Corp Best For The World
• Berkeley Form + Fund Fellow
• Conscious Company® Top 22 Business Leader
• NIH RADx Faculty Member
• Real Leaders® Top 150
• Registered Patent Attorney
• SuperLawyers® Mid-South
• Yale CBE Business Leader


Shayn Fernandez

Corporate Lead

• B Corp Best For The World
• Real Leaders® Top 150

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