A Chouinard ice axe signed by Yvon Chouinard in the Chattanooga office of Rockridge. Chouinard is the founder of Patagonia, the author of Let My People Go Surfing, and our favorite example of a homeless-man-living-out-of-his-van turned billionaire and sustainability icon. 

Our B Corp Story:
Technology Lawyers for Good

Kevin Christopher, Founder & Principal

I launched my career in San Francisco, leading technology partnerships at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Lab while moonlighting in renewable energy and biotech startups. I left Lawrence Livermore in ’16 to co-found and lead intellectual property efforts at a venture-backed pharma company called Resolute Therapeutics. In parallel, I launched Rockridge Venture Law®.

Rockridge® is at heart a founders’ firm. After law school my first job was with a biomass energy conversion startup, and to supplement the low pay + equity position I sold sandwiches from a street cart. I took random gigs from Craigslist like excavating basements in East Oakland. Newly married with law school debt, I literally dug trenches in sketch neighborhoods to make it happen. Mine is a true founder’s story, straight from Oakland’s grimy underbelly. It’s also one influenced by the impact of community.

My childhood was spent among various neighborhoods of pre-gentrified East Nashville. My mother was an immigrant and my father a homeless vet with PTSD. My road from the inner city to Berkeley and Yale, to entrepreneurial successes, to advanced degrees, even to mountaineering adventures, is attributable to the blessings of faith and to the many community mentors that took active roles in my early life. Pastors helped me form a spiritual foundation, rehabilitated drug users helped me establish core disciplines, and rock climbers helped me learn to navigate risk and to understand environmental stewardship. Consequently, this firm was established on principles of giving back, community engagement, an inclusive workforce, and sustainable operations. To carry out these principles in practice, we’ve adopted a B Corp framework and commitment to 1% for the Planet member. You can read more about our impact assessment here.

Our mission is to grow the impact economy by helping entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors scale businesses and technologies for good.

We've been named a Best For The World three years in a row, recognized among the top 5% of global B Corps.

We offer a suite of corporate, ESG, data privacy, and intellectual property services. Like Dolly, Johnny, and Jack, Rockridge® is based in Tennessee and serving clients globally.

2021 BFW

Ours is not the type of legal service that can be offered by a general practice firm, or by an attorney who went from undergrad to law school to a law firm with little understanding of how scaling actually works. At Rockridge we’ve assembled a core leadership team of Silicon Valley and New York tech law expats, Ph.D.’s publishing in the major journals, and innovative young minds pioneering their respective practice areas.

People ask me what Rockridge stands for. It’s a sentimental nod to my old Berkeley neighborhood where I learned to hustle, but more importantly it refers to a precipice. At Rockridge we know what it means to attack the crux and stand at the precipice of our own climb, and we’re here to see you through in yours. Learn more about our team here.