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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Technology Monitoring Team publishes statistics and trends that are useful for identifying innovative capabilities and regional concentrations across the state of Tennessee. The last year that the PTM team published their statistics was 2015. Here are a few snapshots:

Where does Tennessee rank among all states for patenting activity?

  • Ranked #30 for utility patenting (883 issued in 2015).
  • Ranked #25 for design patenting (138 issued in 2015).

Which Tennessee entities are the most frequent filers? (# patents issued over the last 5 years)

  1. UT-Battelle, LLC (aka Oak Ridge National Lab) (351)
  2. Smith & Nephew (315)
  3. Eastman Chemical Company (307)
  4. Nissan North America (267)
  5. Vanderbilt University (193)
  6. International Paper (148)
  7. UT Research Foundation (91)
  8. Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (60)
  9. Wright Medical Technology (50)
  10. Radio Systems Corp. (43)

By comparison, what entities are the most frequent filers in California? (same 5 year period)

  1. Qualcomm (9,789)
  2. Google (8,818)
  3. Intel (7,593)
  4. Apple (7,525)
  5. Broadcom (5,587)

What are Tennessee’s nerdiest neighborhoods? (Where are all the resident inventors, based upon patents issued over the last 15 years?)

  1. Shelby Co (7,126)
  2. Knox Co (4,677)
  3. Sullivan Co (3,310)
  4. Davidson Co (2,577)
  5. Williamson Co (1,664)
  6. Anderson Co (1,316)
  7. Hamilton Co (1,203)
  8. Washington Co (874)
  9. Madison Co (872)
  10. Putnam Co (811)


Who’s Doing the Patenting?

Who’s doing all the patenting in Memphis? (based upon the last five years of filing data)

  1. Warsaw Orthopedic
  2. Thomas & Betts
  3. Smith & Nephew
  4. SDGI Holdings
  5. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Who’s doing all the patenting in Knoxville?

  1. UT-Battelle
  2. Siemens Medical Solutions
  3. UT Research Foundation
  4. Alstom Technology
  5. Lockheed Martin Energy Research

Who’s doing all the patenting in Nashville?

  1. Vanderbilt University
  2. Illinois Tool Works
  3. Schneider Electric
  4. Electrolux Home Products
  5. E.I. Du Pont

Who’s doing all the patenting in Chattanooga? (note there wasn’t a single patent issued to any of these entities in 2015)

  1. Maytag
  2. National Starch and Chemical Investment Holding
  3. Card-Monroe
  4. Tuftco
  5. Akzo Nobel


What’s Being Patented?

What’s being patented in Memphis? (according to PTO technical art class)

  1. Surgical instruments (class 606)
  2. Prosthesis (class 623)
  3. Drugs (class 424)
  4. Electricity: conductors and insulators (class 174)
  5. Surgery (class 600)
  6. On the rise: automotive data processing (class 701)

What’s being patented in Knoxville?

  1. Radiant energy (class 250)
  2. Measuring and testing (class 073)
  3. Electrical communications (class 340)
  4. Stock material (class 428)
  5. Data processing (class 702)
  6. One the rise: ships (class 114); inorganic chemistry (class 423); image analysis (class 382)

What’s being patented in Nashville?

  1. Drugs (class 424)
  2. Chemistry (class 435)
  3. Surgery (class 128)
  4. Financial data processing (class 705)
  5. Electrical heating (class 219)
  6. One the rise: prosthesis (class 623); data processing (class 700, 704, 706, 707); electrical audio processing (class 381)

What’s being patented in Chattanooga?

  1. Sewing (class 112) (yes, seriously, the #1 outdoor recreation city in America…sewing)
  2. Synthetic resins (class 520)
  3. Electrical heating (class 219)
  4. Drugs (class 424)
  5. Stock material (class 428)
  6. On the rise: illumination (class 362); fluid handling (class 137)

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