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We launched RVL® with a vision to practice law in a way that positively impacts the world around us. We believe that the challenging work of Building Today's Companies for Tomorrow's Economies® goes hand-in-hand with positively impacting the environmental and social fabric of our community. Highlights from our 2019 impact assessment are included here, and we encourage review of our independent audit by B Lab.

B Lab Audit

Tennessee’s First Certified B Corp Law Firm

RVL® is Tennessee’s first and only Certified B Corp® law firm, and in 2018 and 2019 was named a Best for the World Honoree. We’ve been recognized for our commitment to triple-bottom-line business practices that consider not only profits, but also environmental and social impact as metrics for success. Every year, B Lab recognizes the top-performing B-Corps as those creating the greatest impact through their businesses. Honorees are recognized for having the highest environmental, community, customer, worker and overall impact by earning a score in the top 10% on the B Impact Assessment.
B Corp 2018 Honoree
B Corp 2019 Honoree

Tennessee’s Only 1% for the Planet Law Firm Member

RVL® is Tennessee’s only 1% for the Planet® member law firm, joining conscious capital companies like Patagonia® in donating at least 1% of all revenue to environmental nonprofits to support conservation and combat climate change. Our environmental nonprofits partners include American Alpine Club, GreenSpaces, and Living Lands and Waters.
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We GIVE-10, meaning we donate at least 10% of our profits and dedicate 10% of our working time to environmental and social impact organizations. Our nonprofit partners are making the world a better place in many ways, and we’d like to highlight some of their programs here.


Living Lands and Waters

RVL® has partnered with Living Lands & Waters (LLW) to adopt a local waterway in Sparta, Tennessee, where we've removed thousands of pounds of debris and waste to inspire community recreation and stewardship. Check out our video in the next box to see our staff in action. Nationally, LL&W has removed over 10 million pounds of trash from rivers and has planted well over 1 million plants worldwide. If that isn’t enough, LL&W leads an invasive species removal project to remove non-native invasive species and replace them with native flora, all while leading a free student education program that educates our youth on the impact of the consumer goods lifecycle on our environment.


Mustard Seed Ranch

In 2017 and 2018 we sponsored the Mustard Seed for Mayhem event at Rich Froning’s Crossfit Mayhem. Mustard Seed Ranch (MSR) is a community-sponsored, interdenominational Christian ministry designed to take children out of unsafe environments and into loving, nurturing homes. Out of the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual support each child receives, seeds of hope begin to take root. In time, each child becomes empowered to overcome limiting cycles of behavior and replace them with an understanding of God’s abundant purpose for their life.



Green|Spaces is a nonprofit based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Its mission is to work toward regional sustainability by progressing the way people live, work and build in Chattanooga and the surrounding region. In 2019 RVL® sponsored the Green Prix Goblin Run, where elementary school students apply STEM learning in a fun, competitive environment involving custom designed and engineered electric power race cars.


Mayhem Mission

Mayhem Mission is the nonprofit organization sponsored by Mayhem Nation to bring love, mercy and service to those in need around the globe. In 2021, Mayhem Mission is focused on events and programming designed to bring awareness to human trafficking. Rockridge® is proud to provide pro bono representation to advance the commercial, competitive and compassionate goals of Mayhem Mission.

Honored to be a part of what CrossFit Mayhem and Mayhem Mission are doing to fight human trafficking. This week was a 1-2 celebration of freedom defenders and freedom finders.

This year Mayhem Mission is focused on events and programming designed to bring awareness to human trafficking.


B Academics

B Academics is a network of over 300 educators and researchers who are committed to accelerating the sustainable business movement. They work with each other, the global B Lab network, and the B Corp community to share best practices and identify opportunities for collaboration with regard to research, teaching, and experiential learning. Rockridge® helped B Academics establish its nonprofit status, and we are proud to continue to support their work through workshops and resources that advance benefit corporation legal structures and B Corp business structures.


Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale

Scaling social enterprise is part of what makes us tick at Rockridge®. That's why we provide mentorship across the country to mission-oriented entrepreneurs launching sustainably profitable and highly impactful companies. The Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) inspires students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to seek innovative ways to solve real-world problems. Through direct mentorship, office hours, and workshops to student entrepreneurs at Yale University, we help the country's best and brightest navigate the areas of intellectual property, corporate, and social enterprise law.

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Nashville Entrepreneur Center
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