Patents & Trade Secrets

A patent (or portfolio of patents) may secure your market position in a particular technology — or provide distinctive positioning in a research grant application. In novel biopharmaceutical cases when a company expends billions of dollars in development costs, a patent is critical. In other instances, it may be subservient to other intellectual property rights in fast-growth technology or creative content industries. The need for a patent often depends on numerous considerations, and we’re here to help clarify.

Our patent-related services include…

Patent Search / Prior Art Search

We shake the trees, sift the sands, excavate the boulders… whatever it takes to identify prior art that might impact the ability to patent your invention.

Patent Search Opinion / Freedom to Operate

We’ve heard it a million times: “I know this industry and swear I’m the only one that’s come up with this.” Inevitably, we nearly always find something relevant in our prior art searches. Our goal, of course, is not to hamper your ability to patent or market your invention, but to keep you safe in the marketplace. Our opinions provide you with the analysis you need to develop a patent claims strategy, proceed with an R&D plan, tailor your marketing, confidently discuss your ideas with investors and, often, save money.

Patent Prosecution / Patent Registration

With backgrounds in business development and entrepreneurship, our patent team drafts patents with a particular focus on marketable claim sets.

Patent Litigation

Trust us, there’s no glamour in suing or getting sued. It’s a risky business with endless scenarios and technical interpretations. So when push comes to shove, you want a team that grasps the scientific, legal, and social components of litigation. We’re entrepreneur-attorneys — we know how to sell science both on the pitch and in the courtroom. 

Patent Licensing

Our patent team has locked up with the big boys, negotiating intellectual property deals with Affymetrix, BASF, Google, Honeywell, Merck, Samsung and Synthetic Genomics, to name(drop) just a few. We’ve got the mettle to ensure you don’t settle.

Patent Strategy

Attempting to patent internationally? Debating between a design patent and a utility patent? Questioning whether a particular change might invalidate your patent? Perhaps you’re observing what your competitors are patenting and are curious how much your own patents are worth. Maybe you want to challenge your competitors’ patents, or learn about whether your own patents be challenged. We’re here to answer these concerns and more.

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Patents & Trade Secrets
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Lead Attorney / Agent Profiles

Kevin Christopher


• B Corp Best For The World
• Berkeley Form + Fund Fellow
• Conscious Company® Top 22 Business Leader
• NIH RADx Faculty Member
• Real Leaders® Top 150
• Registered Patent Attorney
• SuperLawyers® Mid-South
• Yale CBE Business Leader


Andrew Lerner, Ph.D.

Patent Lead

• B Corp Best For The World
• Berkeley Form + Fund Fellow
• NIH RADx Faculty Member
• Real Leaders® Top 150
• Registered Patent Agent