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Government Contracts

We tailor business structures for success in public procurement by navigating complex SBA ownership and control regulations for Women-Owned, 8(a), Veteran-Owned, HUBZone, and Small Business certifications. In this industry relationships go a long way, so we assist clients on teaming and partnerships strategies through teaming arrangements, joint ventures, and prime-subcontractor relationships. 

After we help our clients successfully land long-term government contracts and grants we assist on all things regulatory–from perfecting rights in intellectual property and data under the FAR to advising on compliance with complex regulatory regimes such as the Buy American Act, Service Contract Act, and NISPOM.  

If a dispute arises in the procurement of performance process, our team’s experience is next to none when it comes to bid protests, size protests, and other quasi-administrative disputes.  Whether it is in the GAO, Court of Federal Claims, Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, or a private dispute amongst contractors, RVL is the 200lb bulldog you want in your corner. 

If procurement acquisition, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution is not enough, our corporate, finance, and M&A team is heavily focused on the government contracting industry.  Whether it is obtaining CFIUS approval for a foreign investment, structuring an M&A deal to avoid or comply with governmental approvals, or negotiation an acquisition of a target in this highly regulated industry, Rockridge® is the deal quarterback you need. 

Oh yeah, and we’ve held “top secret” security clearances.

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Lead Attorney Profiles

Image of Kevin Christopher

Kevin Christopher


Kevin Christopher, JD/MBA, leads Rockridge®, a Certifed B Corp law firm, as corporate and patent attorney. Kevin is also founder and CEO of QUANTiSCOPE®, an AI/ML biotech public benefit corporation. Kevin is active in his local communities, having served in Americorps, as county and state commissioner, and on the boards of several environmental and social equity nonprofits. He has also advanced international sustainability goals through working groups of the World Economic Forum and similar organizations. Kevin has enjoyed a diverse and fulfilling career, counting as direct business and legal mentors Vincent Stanley of Patagonia, Joe Tsai of Alibaba, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, and U..S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer.


Logan Ray

Patent Attorney

R. Logan Ray is a U.S. patent attorney with a passion for innovation and an eye for intellectual property protection. He specializes in navigating the complexities of patent law, helping clients secure and defend their inventions in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. His understanding of both leal principles and technical nuances enables him to offer tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

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