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1% for the Planet celebrated its 20th anniversary with its Global Summit 2022 event in Los Angeles this month. Founders Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews kicked off the three-day event by reminding 1% members of the organization’s standing mission to “ensure that the Planet and future generations thrive.”

Rockridge’s work with 1% for the Planet drives us to enact change within our own legal business and profession, to be environmentally conscious; however, the 1% team took on a progressive theme to celebrate its milestone anniversary this year and pushed a room full of global change-makers to answer one not-so-simple question: What’s next? Speakers of the next generation, such as Marlow Baines, the youth director for Earth Guardians, stressed that everyone, regardless of age, origin, or experience, has a role to play. The buzzword and takeaway of the week was “intersectionality.” While the scale and complexity of today’s environmental crisis require us to do more, it is important to remember that in order to protect the planet, we must protect the people on it. This overarching theme resonates with our specific goal at Rockridge®, to support social enterprises built by talented, visionary social entrepreneurs funded by passionate, visionary impact investors that will have transformational effects on society and the environment.

Information about the Global Summit

The Global Summit is a meeting of the minds, an international gathering of leaders in the environmental movement, a sharing of ideas to empower each other forward—and above all—a hope spot. The Global Summit intends to not only celebrate our past successes but to learn from one another, inspire one another and propel our movement forward to save the planet. A full schedule and live streaming is available for this event.

Information about 1% For The Plant

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions. They advise on giving strategies, certify donations and amplify the impact of their network. While there are many ways to give back, 1% for the Planet provides two membership programs: business membership and individual membership, which garner additional value and opportunity for those committed to supporting our planet.

About RVL®

Rockridge Venture Law® is a certified B Corp law firm embracing the mantra of technology lawyers for good. Rockridge® services include corporate, intellectual property, litigation, M&A, privacy, technology, and venture capital law. Rockridge has been recognized as a B Corp Best for the World and Real Leaders Top 150 Impact Company, and has been featured by Conscious Company Magazine, Forbes, and other top media focused on industry leaders in impact and innovation.

The Rockridge team has worked with Grammy winners, Nobel Prize winners, and world champion athletes to create and monetize distinctive intellectual property assets. Rockridge clients include founders, investors, and multinationals scaling disruptive technologies and iconic brands. Rockridge is headquartered in Tennessee, with satellite offices in Durham, New Haven, and New York.

We’re Building Today’s Company for Tomorrow’s Economy® by leading clients through the dizzying array of information controls, by helping them to develop and monetize proprietary assets, and by enabling their impactful products, programs, and principles.

See case studies on how we’ve helped transformative companies at Rockridge Case Studies.



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