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  • Does the relationship end after the purchase date, or should renewal terms be considered? Are ongoing maintenance and bug fixes required?
  • What deal-breakers need to be clearly addressed at the beginning?
  • Is development/support handled in-house or through a foreign entity outside of the United States?
  • What protocols are in place to ensure data security? What is the plan should a breach occur?
  • Is there a limitation on who may access the technology, such as limiting access to only your employees, and blocking use by your contractors or vendors?
  • Is there an affiliate organization that will be allowed to use the technology?
  • Who owns the rights to development made by the buyer?
  • Are there business hour restrictions for when software must be available to the buyer?
  • Is the vendor even required to provide software updates and bug fixes?
  • If the technology breaks, who is required to fix it, what notice must be provided, and how quickly must the issue be resolved?
  • What is the remedy if the vendor does not meet its service level agreement obligations?
  • Should the source code be held in escrow so that the buyer can access it if the vendor does not fulfil its obligations or goes out of business?

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Lauren McClanahan is a data privacy and brand law attorney at Rockridge Venture Law®. Equally adept at creative campaigns as well as technology transactions, Lauren leads clients through copyright, privacy, regulatory, and trademark considerations.

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