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Entrepreneur and attorney Kevin Christopher was profiled in Forbes this week.

The article, written by Cornell University professor Christopher Marquis, examines Christopher’s activities promoting corporate social responsibility across the State of Tennessee and beyond. Specifically, the article cites Christopher’s entrepreneurship presentations at Yale University and elsewhere and reviews how Christopher and his team at Rockridge have partnered with organizations across Tennessee to advance business leadership in areas of environmental and social impact. The article is available online at Forbes.

Rockridge recently launched the initiative B Tennessee alongside Patagonia, Nisolo, and Whiteboard. B Tennessee
now comprises additional social enterprise companies, academics, faith leaders, and individuals interested in ways that
companies can prioritize not only shareholder returns but additional metrics like community service and sustainability. A
recent B Tennessee workshop organized by Rockridge’s Impact + Innovation Fellow Bruce Allen featured speakers from
Eastman, Chattanooga Faith + Works + Culture, Patagonia, The Bailey Company, and the University of Tennessee. Read
more about B Tennessee here.

About Rockridge Venture Law®
Rockridge Venture Law®, or RVL®, was launched in Cookeville in 2017 with a mission to become the preeminent
intellectual property and technology firm across the Appalachian Innovation Corridor. We now have offices in Chattanooga,
Durham, and Nashville, and represent clients and interests globally. Our services include all aspects of intellectual property,
litigation, M&A, privacy, technology transactions, and ventures. In 2018 and 2019, we were recognized as B Corp Best for
the World for our commitment to triple bottom line business practices. Our pioneering environmental and social impact
programs attract top-notch legal talent and assure our clients of missional alignment with their corporate values. Learn more about Rockridge here.

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