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Blockchain & Data Rights

Advances in blockchain, cryptocurrency and encryption may well turn out to be the most significant technologies of this generation. Many experts even believe the impact blockchain technology will have is comparable to the Internet itself. But as these concepts and implementing platforms continue to evolve and become mainstream in our society, the law continues to lag behind. The federal government is still looking to settle on a legal definition of what blockchain even is. Without a legal definition, determining how blockchain and cryptocurrency should be regulated is near impossible. The IRS views cryptocurrency as property. The SEC views it as a security. And the Commodity Futures Trading Commission views it (not surprisingly) as a commodity. This is why any business looking to enter the blockchain and cryptocurrency fray needs a legal team with tech-savvy attorneys. At Rockridge®, we are proud to offer that team, having attorneys with experience in data privacy, software, corporate/business law, and securities.

A concern of many companies that can be wholly independent of blockchain and encryption technologies involves the disposition of data rights.  In the federal acquisition regulations (FAR) alone there are a half dozen different definitions of data. Proprietary platforms that utilize, market, produce and/or exploit data are subject to legal restrictions. When personally identifiable consumer, financial or health information is involved, this often means privacy regulations. When non-personal but otherwise valuable data is involved, this means one and usually more of federal, state and international regulations.

Some of our blockchain and data services include:

 Blockchain Patents  DEAR Data Controls   FAR Data Controls
 Import/Export Licenses   NIST FIPS Approval  Open-Source Audits 
 Smart Contracts  Software Copyrights  Software Licenses

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Lead Attorney Profiles

Kevin Christopher


• B Corp Best For The World
• Berkeley Form + Fund Fellow
• Conscious Company® Top 22 Business Leader
• NIH RADx Faculty Member
• Real Leaders® Top 150
• Registered Patent Attorney
• SuperLawyers® Mid-South
• Yale CBE Business Leader


Lauren Hughes

IP / Privacy Lead

• B Corp Best For The World
• Certified Information Privacy Professional
• Real Leaders® Top 150

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