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Pierce Gordon, Ph.D.

RVL Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consultant


RVL is a founder’s firm, sensitive and responsive to the needs of scaling innovators. Often, we extend beyond the transactional and into the relational; that is, as outside general counsel we strategize about the legal And business needs of our clients. When asked to find solutions to problems, we have historically sourced from our extensive network of bright minds to help our clients problem solve. We now are pleased to highlight Dr. Pierce Gordon as one of our entrepreneurship and innovation problem solvers.

Dr. Gordon is a researcher, facilitator, and designer that specializes in how communities value, support, and practice innovation in social justice and international development. Over the past decade, he has tracked the spread, emergence, and use of human-centered design for development, studied the intricacies of Botswana’s innovation ecosystem, founded organizations that spread the cutting-edge field of equity design in the San Francisco Bay Area, and facilitated entrepreneur and innovation initiatives at the national and local levels across Botswana. He’s available for innovation strategy and facilitation, evaluation capacity building and practice, mixed-methods design and market research, and mixed-media publication opportunities.

Dr. Gordon completed his doctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Learn more about Dr. Gordon here.

Presentations & Publications

  • Gordon, P. E. C. (2018) Investigating Innovation Practice: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in International Development. Dissertation: UC Berkeley.
  • Li, N., Kramer, J., Gordon, P., & Agogino, A. (2018). “Co-author network analysis of human-centered design for development.” Design Science, 4, E10. doi:10.1017/dsj.2018.1
  • Staton, B, Kramer, J, Gordon, P. Valdez, L. “From the Technical to the Political: Democratizing Design Thinking.” Congreso International No. 4: Contested Cities 2016.
  • Gordon, P. E. C., Fuge M., Agogino, A.. “Examining Design for Development Online: A Qualitative Analysis of OpenIDEO using HCD/UCD Metrics.” ASME IMECE 2014 Conference.
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