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Case Study: Collaborating with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare North America on Their Journey to B Corp Certification with Rockridge®


Sanofi Consumer Healthcare North America, a major player in the consumer healthcare sector, aimed to make a transformative change. Their vision was to transition to a public benefit corporation and secure B Corp Certification. The multifaceted nature of this endeavor necessitated the collaboration of Sanofi’s in-house legal team with a specialized external partner.


Covert legal framework from corporation to Public Benefit Corporation to compliment sustainability team’s work towards B Corp certification. Help multiple in-house teams with communications, negotiations, and structuring.


B Corp Certification


Sanofi Consumer Healthcare


Sanofi CHC North America achieved their goal, transitioning to a statutory public benefit corporation and earning the prestigious B Corp Certification.

The collaboration spotlighted Rockridge®’s ability to work symbiotically with in-house teams and to lead critical external negotiations, emphasizing the value of expertise in both governance mechanics and mission-oriented business negotiations.


Our collaboration with Sanofi CHC underscores Rockridge®’s dual capacity: our ability to dovetail seamlessly with in-house legal teams, and our proficiency in leading mission-critical negotiations with external entities such as B Lab. As sponsors of Nucleate, we bring a wealth of experience from our engagements with groundbreaking biotechs. This, combined with our unique positioning at the nexus of impact and innovation and our trademarked distinction as Technology Lawyers for Good® makes Rockridge® the vanguard for innovative companies. We are primed to guide businesses through intricate processes like structuring strategies to specific state statutes, orchestrating board approvals, formulating shareholder communications, and designing public messaging narratives. Rockridge® stands as the preeminent legal partner for organizations aiming to intertwine profitability with purpose.

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