Net Zero Conference

The World's Largest Net Zero Building Conference

The annual Net Zero Conference is led by the Verde Group, an organization dedicated to sustainable design and industrial responsiveness to climate change. As a Certified B Corp and Real Leaders 150 firm, Rockridge® shares the Verde Group's vision of a circular economy and is the perfect partner for Verde Group's brand law needs. Specifically, Rockridge leads Verde Group's copyright and trademark efforts for the Net Zero Conference, Climate + Change network, and other inspiring initiatives.

Rockridge Venture Law® is an intellectual property, privacy and technology firm, internationally recognized for its advancement of triple-bottom-line business models and sustainable solutions to global challenges. We're Building Today's Company for Tomorrow's Economy® by leading clients through the dizzying array of information controls, by helping them to develop and monetize proprietary assets, and by enabling their impactful products, programs, and principles.


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