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Gig Economy Law 101

Virtual Event | April 15th, 2021 | 2pm ET

Attorney Kevin Christopher will explore some of the key legal considerations underpinning the ever-evolving gig economy. Freelancers, independent contractors, and employers alike will learn how to protect themselves when business moves faster than the law.


B Corp 101

Virtual Event | March 31st, 2021

In this presentation, B Corp Consultants Becky Asselin & Avery Young (Everoot Consulting) and Rockridge Venture Law® attorney Kevin Christopher provided an overview of B Corp certification and how Benefit Corporations come into play.

The Mechanics of Seed Stage Finance

Virtual Event | March 23rd, 2021

In this workshop, participants will learn about the fundamental elements of securing their company’s first funding round. Rockridge Venture Law® attorney Shayn Fernandez will present key insights about Term Sheets, investment structures and protection mechanisms, SEC considerations, and types of securities and conversion events.


IP 101 for Startups

Virtual Event | February 4, 2021

Join Rockridge Venture Law® attorneys Kevin Christopher and Lauren Hughes for an overview of intellectual property and what to prioritize in early stage development.

The Nuts and Bolts of SBIR: From an SBIR Application Reviewer

Virtual Event | December 15, 2020

Join Rockridge Venture Law® attorneys Kevin Christopher and Shayn Fernandez to explore how you can use SBIR federal grants to scale your operation and open up your business to both public and private customers. From the perspective of an SBIR application reviewer and attorney, you’ll learn more about how federal contracting can help transition your innovative idea from R&D into commercialization and impact.

Is Open Source Software "Eating the World"?

Virtual Event | December 4, 2020

Join Kevin Christopher, Founder and Principal at Rockridge Venture Law®, for an online panel to explore Open Source Software and its implications for innovation and society at large. Kevin will speak alongside panelists from the Purdue Policy Research Institute to discuss the legal implications of open source software, blockchain law, and what academia can learn from OSS.  

CSR Spotlight: Online Panel & Networking

Virtual Event | October 28, 2020

If you’re interested in organizations that do the right thing over the profitable thing, you’re not alone.

Join Kevin Christopher, Founder and Principal at Rockridge Venture Law®, for an interactive online panel hosted by Be Social Change. Kevin will speak alongside other CSR and Business for Good leaders to discuss the latest social impact insights, trends, and best practices. Hear how business can be leveraged as a force for good now – and in the future.

Creating and Maintaining an Effective IP Enforcement

Virtual Event | October 21, 2020

Join Lauren Hughes, IP & Privacy Lead at Rockridge Venture Law®, to explore how startups can wield the power of trademarks to eliminate the competition. In short, we’re planning for total market domination.

This presentation was part of Startup Week Chattanooga, powered by Co. Lab.

Anatomy of a Term Sheet

Virtual Event | October 20, 2020

Join Shayn Fernandez, lead corporate attorney at Rockridge Venture Law®, in demystifying the Anatomy of a Term Sheet.

This presentation was part of Startup Week Chattanooga, powered by Co. Lab.

An Overview of SBA Programs

Virtual Event | October 18, 2020

The Federal Government pays trillions of dollars each year to private companies under contracts for the very same goods and services offered to consumers and private entities. The Government also funds the research and development of innovation solutions for commercialization through grants in amounts as high as $1M.

Join Shayn Fernandez, lead corporate and government contract attorney at Rockridge Venture Law®, to learn about the variety of ways to do business with the Federal Government.

This presentation was part of Startup Week Chattanooga, powered by Co. Lab.

Innovator's Toolkit: Legal Basics for Scaling Social Enterprise

Virtual Event | September 9, 2020 | 3-4pm CST

Rockridge Venture Law® presents “Legal Basics of Scaling Social Enterprise”

This is the first workshop in the “Innovator’s Toolkit” series by Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale University.

B Tennessee Presents: Corporate Social Responsibility in the South

Virtual Event | August 27, 2020 | 3-5pm CST

B Tennessee presents “Corporate Social Responsibility in the South: Insights from Tennessee Leaders”

For B Tennessee’s inaugural virtual event, leaders from across Tennessee shared innovative models, programs, and best-practices in CSR.

2020 Venture Forward Workshop

Virtual Event | August 12, 2020 | 3-4pm CST

Lauren Hughes of Rockridge Venture Law® presents “How to Do Good… But Not Overdue It: The Legal Considerations and Ramifications around Good Intentions”


Virtual Event | August 5, 2020

Rockridge Venture Law® presents “Creating a Sustainable Business in an On-Demand, Make-It-Cheap E-Commerce Culture”

4PM – 9PM London Time  |  11AM – 4PM New York Time  |  8AM – 1PM San Francisco Time

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